If you don't like something, change it.

If you can't change it, change your attitude.

- Maya Angelou

Ima Aura.


I work as a wellbeing coach and specialist autism support worker guiding, supporting and empowering the people I work with to live the best lives they can. I aim to be a a catalyst in individuals transformation, ushering souls towards their fullest potential and most authentic and integrated versions of self.


I believe that every person has the potential to actualise a life with wellbeing, purpose and deep meaning at the forefront; with the right resources, support and self-belief anything is possible. 


My Integrative Wellbeing Coaching approach comes from a belief that a holistic approach to wellbeing through combining physical, emotional and spiritual well-being is vital to improved long-term wellbeing.


I am a 500hr qualified yoga and meditation instructor, with a passion for spirituality and related practices. 


I have worked in various settings that inform how I work. My work with the charity S.A.N.E on a mental health helpline and W.I.S.H (women in secure hospitals) gave me a deep understanding of lived experiences of mental health. My time in various community settings both in youth and adult services offering support and wellbeing services, has developed my  awareness of the factors from our childhood and youth as well as socio-economic and environmental factors that inform the adults we become. 


In recent year my interest has been in working with individuals and groups to get deeper into the work of creating transformation in their hearts and lives. My  practice is informed by my own journey through mental health challenges and addiction recovery. Its my  lived experience that gives me a genuine compassion, directness and approachability.


Alongside my wellbeing work I work as a Specialist Autism Support Worker with the National Autistic Society. I am passionate about working with the unique strengths and challenges of neuro-diversity, having pursued a late diagnosis of ASD myself in 2017.


I hold the following qualifications:

ILM & BSC Qualified Wellbeing Coach

NLP Centre Certified Mindfulness Life Coach

500hr Advanced Yoga & Meditation Teacher

(Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin, Kundalini and Transpersonal Yoga)

Traditional Yoga Prana Samyama & Meditation for Mental Health Meditation Instructor


Wellbeing coaching is an unregulated industry, however,  due to the therapeutic nature of my approach I undertake monthly supervision in line with standard requirements for most therapeutic work. 


Forever curious and keen to learn, I am currently training to become an Integrative Psychotherapist and undergoing training with The National Autistic Society to deliver their Autism and SPELL framework training to new employees and members of the public.


I strongly believe that in order to be the best teacher, coach and trainer I can be, I must simultaneously be the best student I can be.