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There is a lot of focus out in the world on increasing autism awareness, which is important. There is less awareness of how we can help people with this experience improve their wellbeing and promote states of happiness.


This program is based on the philosophy that wellbeing starts from within and it is vital that autistic people feel empowered and equipped to work towards improving their own wellbeing where possible.


The UK governments national strategy for autistic children, young people and adults: 2021 to 2026 aims to help all autistic people across England lead the full and happy lives they deserve. 


Intrinsic to all the themes outlined in the government strategy is the need for autistic individuals to feel well and able in order to engage and participate with themselves, others and their community. 


Giving individuals tools to self manage, self regulate and build self esteem is an important foundation.

The goal of this program is to equip autistic adults and young people with a range of tools to enable them to self regulate, improve wellbeing, manage anxiety and cope with sensory overwhelm.

Embodied Yoga & Mindfulness Practices
Autism Spectrum Conditions

Program Outline  

This Embodied Yoga and Mindfulness Practices for ASC program offers an extensive and unique range of therapeutic practices to support adults and young people on the autism spectrum.


The program invites participants to explore the underlying neurobiological tendencies present in the systems of autistic people. The neurobiological understandings of autism are delivered in simple lay terms alongside tried and tested practical skills, techniques and approaches. 


The program focuses on the body and breath as a doorways into the nervous system.


The program pulls together a variety of evidence based practical skills and techniques for ASC wellbeing management, self regulation and promotion of happiness.


The program invites participants to experience a range of practices in a group and to experience what it's like to be in a group where autism is neurotypical for that group. There is an invitation to drop the usual social expectations of masking and camouflaging.

How it works

One way of understanding Autism is from the perspective of neurobiology. There is evidence that autism often involves a dysregulation of the nervous system, unusual processing in the sensory systems and poor tone of the vagus nerve. This program has been curated to work with these underlying neurobiological tendencies present in people with autism.


The practices are all rooted in mind-body practices proven to improve anxiety and psychological distress, using the body and breath as doorways into our body systems, and giving participants tools to access states of relaxation and rest which in turn promote social engagement and confidence. 

Entry requirements

The workshop taster and full program are both intended for autistic adults and adolescents. Participants may prefer to attend an Intro to Autism Workshop for a deeper exploration of Autism Spectrum Conditions prior to joining this program; this is down to personal preferences and is not a requirement.


How the program flows?

Full 8hr program delivered as 4hr sessions x 2 or 2hr session x 4  



Full 8hr program - £160pp

4hr sessions x 2 or 2hr sessions x 4

A limited number of concessionary places are available - enquire for details. 


For organisations:

Investment is subject to negotiation, dependant on delivery location & setting, group size and frequency of delivery.