"Ima is full of energy, smart and understanding. During a time of real hardship and struggle Ima has been there for me... listening, challenging and providing fresh perspectives. Together we have explored past events and the thought patterns that have blocked my progress in the past. I'm now moving forward in life with a new perspective and I feel inspired to keep working on myself, my goals and to develop the mindfulness skills I have learnt with Ima. She is made for this line of work."

- Jenny

"Going through my experience with Ima has felt like a reset. It’s made me reflect on my past at a deeper level and the patterns in my behaviour that still go on. I felt totally comfortable under the guidance of Ima, with her strong ability to hold space with both control and empathy. Making her in my experience a true leader and amazing facilitator. I couldn’t recommend her enough, if you’re looking to peel back your deeper layers.


"The mindfulness class I attended by chance with a friend has become a regular part of my schedule. Mindfulness skills are changing every aspect of my life. I'm now seeing things more clearly and finally feel I'm living and awake, not just going through the motions. "

- Gabriel

"Ima is amazingly skilled, observant and motivating. She brings so much of herself into her work. She is very insightful and has a wonderful way of helping you get beyond the surface of a problem. I'm so grateful for the time we spent together; It’s been life changing and my outlook on my future has changed for the better."

- Nadia

“I had so much trapped trauma in my body, when Ima agreed to facilitate a sacred space. Which I must say came as a life saver during lockdown. Ima’s approach was informal, open, steady, warm and ever flowing. She had a way of making me feel at ease while gently pushing me to get more into my body again, I truly feel like Ima reintroduced me to my body. We would share space on a weekly basis (every Wednesday) via zoom, the time was always flexible, this worked for me as I was starting a new role at the time. Every week the positions varied, each position came with its own explanation. Ima introduced me to my favourite position the Sufi grind. I also love that she would focus intentionally on breath work and reminded me to breathe when targeting more tender areas in my body. This truly was a safe and sacred space. Thank you Ima.”

- Maya.


“I would highly recommend making an appointment at The Insight Institute. Ima Aura is an exceptional, welcoming, confident coach. I felt held throughout the process albeit challenging at times, it was her reassurance and lived experience that I was able to fully trust that compelled me to open up to the experience. Constantly nurturing, warm and approachable she is by your side throughout. I enjoyed the exercises and really connected with the work and left feeling like I had unraveled something deeper, another layer that I hadn't done so before I had arrived. I felt insightful and illuminated. Ima Aura made it easier to connect the dots.

Abundantly grateful thank you.”

- Richard


“I feel enormous gratitude for Ima’s invitation on the journey of releasing Perpetual Memories Workshop. Her kind, loving guidance and insights created feelings of safety and acceptance, so I eagerly deep dived into exploration of my repetitive triggers and it’s roots. I felt that I had gained many profound insights in this process. After completing the Kryias I felt light, energised and liberated. Can’t wait to be part of the next explorative journey under Ima’s loving guidance. 🙏”

- Sylvia ​